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50 Years ago Los Angeles Transit would look Mickey Mouse

I am a big fan of Monorail systems and have enjoyed riding a few throughout the years. Disneyland is the iconic monorail system that every kid in southern california grew up with and if like me fell in love with.  Monorails seem futuristic in a George Jetson sort of way.  Seattle has a functioning albeit short monorail that runs at a profit, and if it were up to some enterprising forward thinkers back in 1961 Los Angeles would have a link via monorail between Downtown LA and LAX.  Think the green line but actually goes to the airport.

Some don’t like the idea of monorails and there are certainly reasons why not to, but we can all imagine a Los Angeles that replaces it tracks for elevated rails and became the city of the future.  But alas it was not meant to be and now we struggle to implant transit into this great city at a huge expense.

See the story at the all so great Primary Resources transportation Library: