Death by Metro

Yesterday someone lost their life by being hit by a subway train on the Metro Purple/Red line at the Pershing Square Station.  Looking at the local news including Metro’s own The Source, one would think there was much ado about nothing.  Even Streetsblog decided to run a story on the failure of TAP locking program with no mention of last nights incident.

The source posted a cryptic message about a medical emergency and informed it’s readers of the closing in this post, but it begs the question why hide the fact someone died.  Early on with little information, I am sure Metro wanted to be cautious of releasing information,  but we have seen in the past where metro has very little to offer when it comes to incident involving their buses or trains.  Everything to Metro and The Source seems to be a “medical emergency”.

I have no additional information at this time, a quick internet search pulled very little about this incident that one would thing would draw major news headlines.  As of this posting we have KPCC and a local newspaper from Indiana covering this story.




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One response to “Death by Metro”

  1. Ivan says :

    What bothers me about this incident is that Metro took hours to clear the commuting delay problems. When I was in Hong Kong, subway suicides were (and still are) very common. In Asia, if a train struck a person for any reason, the police will lock the gates to prevent addition people from going to the platforms. If any is still on the platform, the police would escort the people out of the station. Since this station has a center island platform, an empty train can be sent to the station and evacuate the people.

    One of the reasons why it took Metro hours to resolve the delays is because Metro train cannot make a track switch on near both ends of every station. Asia’s mass transit systems track switches near every station. Metro’s design flow is the root cause of long delays when an incident occurs.

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